Peer Group shape the socialization process of individual and also shape the society at large.

A peer group is one of the agencies of socialization. Let’s understand socialization first.

Sociologists have defined Socialization as follows:


The process of shaping newborn child as a social individual is known as the process of socialization.
It simply means that socialization starts from the time we are born and continues till our end.

In the life of an individual, many agencies/factors play a pivotal role in his/her socialization process. Among them, family, peer group, and school play a very important role.

One of the agencies of the socialization of an individual is a peer group or group of friends. 

Peer Group

Peer Group, Peer Pressure and Solution

An individual interacts with friends, and counterparts and gets socialized in the process. Being proximate, a person develops a close, personal and compassionate relationship with friends and learns discipline, way of behaving and talking, rules, and norms.

Such group can be in neighborhood and also in school. In individual’s relation with his/her friends, is based on good atmosphere, democracy and equality. Hence, it assumes important roles because these relations are not of authority and subordination but are bases on equality and trust.

When a child plays a game it perceives the idea of how to follow laws and norms of the wider society. Further, the sportsmanship of waving thing for each other also develops among them. Socialization is accurately express by the proverb “A man is influenced by the company he keeps”

Peer group means, things we learn from our friends in the process of socialization.

Now let’s us also look into the problems of peer group and how to overcome it.

What is Peer Pressure?

Peer Group, Peer Pressure and Solution

Peer pressure means when an individual changes his moral values, attitude, and behavior towards the society due to the company of his/her friends and colleagues.

Simply put, when a person is being pushed over by friends to do something which he/she would not do otherwise. 

Example of Peer Pressure

Several of your teen’s friends buy high end phone/car/bike. Your teen becomes motivated to buy one for himself and starts demanding.

When your teen deliberately skipped school because its his seniors skip day. 

Your teen purchases illegal substance from online market, just his friend tell him that he can get away with it. 

Solution of Peer Pressure 

Try to avoid situations that you are not comfortable with.

Believe in your gut feelings

Never hesitate to go towards your first line of defense- Parents, teachers, and counselors.

Know your values and stick with them. Remember you are the worthiest person in the world.

Try to focus on positive peer pressure like achieve more in study and in life.

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